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What does Buoy’s Law mean for your veterinary practice?

Updated: May 23

Practicing veterinary medicine in New York state? Then you should know about Buoy’s Law, which requires that veterinarians provide details to pet owners each time a new drug is prescribed or dispensed (NY Senate bill S1289B). The legislation passed December 15, 2022, and is expected to go into effect next month, June 2024.

The only other similar law in the country—‘Lizzie’s Law’—was passed in California in 2018. Both of these laws aim to ensure that pet owners receive sufficient information to make informed decisions when medications are prescribed for their pets. 

Buoy’s Law Requirements

Buoy’s Law requires that every time a veterinarian prescribes, dispenses, or provides a drug to an animal, they must provide the pet owner with:

  • The name and description of the drug

  • Directions for use

  • Actions to be taken in the event of a missed dose

  • Instructions for proper storage

  • Any common reasonably anticipated adverse effects  

  • Manufacturer precautions and relevant warnings

This information can be provided in written form, verbally, or electronically.

More work for your veterinary staff

We all want to ensure our patients are safe and their owners are well-informed. And the more information we can give pet owners about the drugs we prescribe, the better. 

But like all of us, your time is tight, and you’re probably busier than ever. So how do you squeeze in sharing all this information for every patient you see?  

Don’t worry. VetTalk automates the distribution of your medication handouts directly to pet owners.

Discover VetTalk's Automated Veterinary Technology

VetTalk is a new veterinary technology that automatically distributes medication handouts directly to pet owner's. By integrating into the practice management system, VetTalk is able to automate the delivery of relevant educational content to the pet owners' device. 

Education Care Plan page
VetTalk sends a mobile-friendly view of a medication handout right to the pet owner's phone.

Schedule a live demo today and save you staff a lot of time and reduce your workload before its too late!

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